Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time for Camera Critters

It is time once again for the animals to take the spotlight. The picture of the geese above was taken on our way home from Willow Slough a bit back. I wanted to work it in here before I totally forget it.
And Bambi here was from last weekend. We think she was a young doe...
She stayed relaxed for quite a bit. I really, really wished I had had an apple I could have cut to pieces. That is how I first got Mama Squirrel to take something from my hands. The smell was just too much to resist.
I don't think I could have fed this deer from my hand, but all I had to with me was dog treats that I carry in the car for when I go to Sarah's house. Otto expects me to have something special for him. I don't like to disappoint, so I just got a box of Milk Bones to carry with me.

Also, often out taking pictures I meet dogs, and they have always been so friendly and inquisitive. One time I thought one was going to end up in the car with me....

Anyway, I wished I had had an apple just to have it a special treat. It is Christmas!

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