Saturday, October 20, 2007

The day has come and gone again with not a stitch sewn. I was gone with my daughter most of the day. We were supposed to be with the scout kids to sell popcorn but the ones that signed up to sell went on the camping trip instead. What kid wouldn't? So after getting set up and staying an hour, my daughter just called it off since no kids were showing up.

We loaded everything back up, took it home, and went to the mall and walked through the major department stores. It is the first time I have been to the mall in months! (The only kind of shops I like to frequent are fabric/quilt stores.) The mall has been remodeled and some stores have changed spots, as well as there were a couple new stores. Neither of us bought a thing...I was on the lookout for that perfect purse, and she was just looking.

We had lunch and then drove to other DD's house. Rachel had not seen their new puppy that found them--part pit bull boy. The vet thinks about 3 months old. He does not meet a stranger--loves everyone. I think it is highly intelligent. It was a neighbor's and got out and came to them...then it disappeared when they went to work. So when their day off came, they went to this neighbor to see if they had caught it but they didn't know where it was and didn't really want it.

So, it ends up another neighbor had seen it roaming and had caught it thinking it was Sarah and Jeremy' they went back to the real owner and ask if they were serious about not wanting it. So that is how it came into their life.
I did pin baste a small couch sized quilt Thursday. It is left over blocks from that last quilt top I did that has an Irish Chain feel to it. I have not quite decided how I want to quilt it so haven't started. I am trying to let the muse hit me before I start. But I may just have to start cause I really want to get it done fairly soon.

The other 'problem' I am having with it is it is mostly off-white tone on tone fabrics. Yet there is the colored squares that form the chain feel to the quilt...I cannot decide if I just want to go ahead and use the same off-white thread on those or do I want to attempt to use a multicolored one on them. If I thought I would not have trouble with getting the tension balanced just right, I would definitely go for the multi-colored on top and the off white on the bottom for those colored parts. But it is very hard to get it balanced just right to not have the pokies coming through one side or the other.

So it is decisions delaying me yet again....