Monday, October 15, 2007

I spent the entire afternoon doing this tablecloth/banner thing for my daughter to use when the scouts are selling popcorn. She wanted something to identify her and the cubscouts and this is what she came up with. The background is a navy blue twin sheet, and she chose the yellow fabric for the letters.

She did the letters by choosing a font on the computer and enlarging it to the size she wanted, printed each one off, and I used misty fuse to fuse them to the background then did a close zigzag stitch around each one. I used paper towels for my stabilizer and that worked fine.

Yesterday we went to Indianapolis and picked up our Rav 4. I had been so excited the night before that I did not sleep at all....I did not test drive the vehicle at all. I just sat in it to see how it felt. And to see how I felt about looking out the mirrors. So when we got home we went for a fairly long ride. I really enjoy driving has tight steering and a tight turning radius. We got the V6 so it has some power. We only got front wheel husband had read on some forums and people had only front wheel drive and lived in Minnesota, Colorado, and Chicago and said they got around fine. Since we really don't plan on going really rough places with it, it should do us fine.