Saturday, October 11, 2014

A cool morning

The day has begun in a cool way.  But the skies are trying to lighten up as the day goes along.  I am fine with that....actually looking forward to a few minutes of sun if that is possible. I am done weary of dark cloudy days.

I don't think Tootie will be here till tomorrow.  I know her mom was wanting a clear day to work in her yard before heading this way.  So thought I might as well post one more post.

I started ironing my fabric from my recycled shirts yesterday evening....that was fun.  And I did feel like I accomplished something...which that was not all.  That was what I let myself do as a reward for getting a little something done ;-)

So, I am off here to enjoy the day.  Will probably catch up with people in bits of time through the day....