Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gray, a beautiful color

I like the color gray, but had never really thought of it as beautiful. However, the more I watch the birds...the more I classify as beautiful.
These were taken at Turkey Run State Park...
I have these kinds of birds at home, but have yet to get shots even as good as these. And these were taken through dirty windows.
Lorelei and her mommy came up today....I taught her a new habit. I have a basket that has handholds--not a handle. I set her in it and took her for rides. She liked it. I have a feeling I might regret doing it if I don't find something else to distract her. She went to it two or three times after I did it the first time and got in it...

So, I had her in tears right before she went home....
I was giving her one last diaper change before she left, and she started her version of the E-I-E-I-O from Old McDonald Had a is something we all sing back and forth to each other. Just the ee-i-ee-i-o when she started she looked to me to take my turn at it. So, I did...only I sung the ee-i-ee-i part in a normal or slightly high voice...then I would lower the tone of my voice and say (almost shout) it while getting her belly. She laughed so hard and had me do it over and over...she honestly had tears rolling down the side of her face from laughing so hard.

I have never seen a child that young have tears of laughter, and I know I say this all the time but I have never seen a kid of any age just look for something to laugh at as much as she does. She has been that way from so young.