Saturday, October 19, 2019

An Autumn report....

Autumn is on its way....I am not sure how vivid it is going to be...but it is done better than what I feared.  So many leaves fell, and other trees just looked like they were just drying up, ready to fall.  Some I knew to be maple trees that usually have vivid color.

See that bright spot of color in the photo above?

This is what it looks like up close and personal!  For some reason when I take shots of trees from a distance, they appear much greener than they do in real life...even in that first photo, it does not appear near as saturated as it does in real life at that distance.  So I was very pleased to see the color of the leaves in my up close shots.

They were beside this strip is an area known as Green Valley.  I did cast a few times but did not get a single hit...did not catch one single fish. Still was so nice to be out and hear the wind in the trees...and part of the time Blue Jays were flitting about in the trees.

Roger went with me, but he did not get out and walk any.  I want to get back over there if I can before it gets cold.  It felt so good to be out and away from everything.  I could actually forget some of the other stuff going on here.

I have been trying to get Roger's Cpap supplies and it is taken is too long for anyone to really want to read it...but I started back maybe the second week of September, but might have been earlier.  And just yesterday they finally told me oh, yes he needs a new prescription.  This in addition to other things they need.  I have been calling them and the other dr. office and it has not been fun.

The one thing, the dr's office has always been so, so good...I am not criticizing them.  The Cpap place I have yet to form a real opinion....because the dr's office told me that the supply place is undergoing a big audit from someone.  So they probably have more than they can handle.  Prior to this, they have been very nice to deal with.

I hope you guys are having a nice weekend...

Making binding...

First a little video from youtube showing someone using a rotary cutter and how you use an acrylic ruler to cut the fabric.

There was no way for me to photograph myself using the rotary cutter and I did not even think to take a photo of the rotary cutter itself.  This video is only 42 seconds long so it won't take long to watch.  The rotary blade is very sharp and will cut you in a heartbeat if you do not keep your fingers out of the way.  And it is very important to "close' the rotary cutter when not in use.  Mine have a guard that I slide into place.  Some automatically close.  A self healing mat is needed because it would destroy the top of your table if you didn't use one. 

So last night I got to thinking about the binding I had just made.  I thought about it and things did not add up....and I realized I had made enough for three sides of the quilt...not the 400+ inches that I needed, so today I cut three more strips and got them added to what I already had made.  I took the opportunity to take a few photos.

Above is just a portion the my acrylic ruler.  To being I place post-it notes on the underside at the exact desired width.  I usually use about 3 post-it notes per stack, and this is a 24 inch ruler so I have 4 stacks placed 4 or 5 inches apart.  I don't put right at the edge of either end.  I just leave my fabric folded in half like it comes off the bolt.  I use lines that also go across the width of the fabric to line up on the fold and then cut the end off enough to make sure the end is even.  From there, I can just measure so easily and cut my strips.

I am floundering here...probably trying to tell you too much, and making everything about as clear as mud.  If you ever want to make something, be sure and watch some youtube videos, because there is more to this than what I have told.

Anyway, I cut my strips...and next I get ready to sew them together.

Batiks do not really have a wrong side....they are dyed, not printed.  But if these were printed, the right sides or pretty sides as some people call them would be facing each other.  Notice that one edge of each strip is lined up on one of the mats lines. forming a 90ยบ angle.

Next I use a ruler to draw a line across the strips. 

This is my sewing line...

I put my needle right in the very corner and sew across to the other corner...

It then looks like the above before pressing and before trimming off the ends.

Here it is trimmed and pressed open and then pressed in have to look close to see the seam.

I like to connect the pieces this way rather than just sewing straight across the just means less bulk in one spot  when sewing to the quilt.

That is it for now...I am very weary and want to sit back and relax. 

Thursday, October 17, 2019


First I have to show you this Moda fabric I got the other was the end of the bolt so got a bit over two yards for a pretty good price.  BTW, for those that don't know, Moda is a a brand of know how jeans have makers such as Levi's, Wranglers, Lee would not believe all the brands of fabric.  But Moda is one of my favorite brands...along with all the rest of them.  LOL

Giving the second view to give you scale...the cutting mat it is laying on has lines every inch....but that first photo gives the real feel of the fabric.  I had gotten some of this in a bag of scraps and hated to even use it  I like it so well....and my daughter likes it, so one of us will find a use for it.  Right now, I just like admiring it.  LOL


I got the binding made for my daughter's Lotus Quilt...she had the top quilted by a shop with a long arm quilting machine.

I just love the fabric daughter chose.  This is over 400 inches of binding.

I wanted to show this view.  First I cut strips of fabric the width of the fabric.  In this case the strips are 2 1/4 inches wide, and sew them together--end to end.  If I had thought I would have taken pics to show how I do that.   But maybe you are not interested in that anyway.  Then I fold the fabric in half  and press, and fanfold it as I get enough pressed.  That way I can put it down by my right side and it does not become a tangled mess as I sew it to the quilt.

Hope everyone is having a good week. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A peek at life

This is a scene from yesterday as we drove to Arthur, Illinois...

I put other, different photos of these over on my other blog...this Amish buggy is heavily cropped.

Someone I know is expecting a baby and I was hoping to get ideas for a baby quilt but had no success.   I was hoping to find a fabric to build one around.  The quilt shop I go to is for sale and though they get in  new fabrics they have a lot of empty spaces that used to be filled with fabric.  I so wish someone would buy it and keep it going strong.


I made a few more 4-patches day before yesterday...I keep thinking I am going to get back to sewing a little bit every day but it just does not happen.


I went out this afternoon and planted some bulbs I had picked up a few weeks ago...I took time to photograph a couple cottonwood leaves.

I hope the bulbs live...I could not decide where to plant them so just found some space and stuck them in the ground.  I did use a shovel some and was able to handle it fine.  I had not used one since I broke my felt completely normal.  In fact, I think it would probably be good for me to use one a lot.

On the reading front, I just finished listening to my one book, A Land More Kind than Home this evening while fixing supper and started listening to the Wesley the Owl one...I did not get to listen very long, but have done learned one fact.  It said that Barn owls are monogomous, and sometimes when their mate dies, they sort of lose the will to live and will die of grief.

I also started reading All-American Murder:  The Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez, the Superstar Whose Life Ended on Murders' Row by James Patterson.  I tend to read true crime books every now and then.  I have no idea why.  I don't want a steady diet of them...just one or two here and there.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Do you ever...

Lorelei went to spend some time with her favorite aunt.  Delta loves her, but right now she is wanting her attention, wanting a skittle I believe.  What is funny, when Lorelei is around, Delta stays by her.  I don't know if it held true this time, but she usually stays by her till she gets up.  I told my daughter, Delta would go bonkers over a baby.

When we are there, she barks at people walking by....but I feel like I can tell a difference in her bark when this one woman walks by with her baby in a stroller.
Do you ever have a day you have so much to say, but no time to say it in?  Then when you get time, you can't get in the mood to say anything...nor remember what all you wanted to talk about before.

The other day was one of those days when I was busy.  I cannot remember what all I did...the one thing was a file cabinet came that I had ordered from Amazon.  When I opened it, several pieces had bent about disheartening.  I did contact the seller right away.  At first I was seriously thinking I would return it.  Partly because of all the 'damage' and partly because the instructions were not good... all on one page back and front.  They would have been fine if the sketches were not so small, but was so hard to see.  And it was only words.  Which photos are what I need anyway...but they were such a struggle to see...I just had to guess at the details.

I ended up leaving a piece out....thankfully it was unimportant to me and did not bother me, but would have been bad if I was planning on locking it.  That part was all bent and kinked around...not sure how good I would have been at getting it back in shape to use anyway. 

So, the vendor had contacted me and asked if I wanted to return or replace it.  I had mulled it over in my mind, and thought I would just see if I could make it work.  So I told him we were going to work with what we had...but I did send him pics...the next day  he gave me a 20% discount on it.  Which was nice...he didn't have to.

Yesterday and today, I have been about worthless as a human being.  Other than light cooking and dishes, I did not accomplish two cents worth of anything.  Maybe a load or two of clothes.

I did get the checkbook balanced the other night, but that is not much of a job.  But it is one I do not like to let ride, and our bank is updating or redoing things and I was about two weeks late getting the statement.  I think I am one of the few people that actually go to the trouble of doing that, but I have had a bank make a fairly big mistake before so have just always set down and actually balance it since then.
I have been reading a bit off and on.

I finished The Far Family by Wilma is a stand alone book but has characters from The Far Family.

I also read Grass of the Earth by Aagot Raaen one more time.  It is one of those books that I have a hard copy, and also one on my kindle.  I never remove it from my kindle.

Right now I am ready Small Town by Gloria was a freebie.  It has been a pretty good read so far.

I just spent time looking at the library.  Right now I am listening to A Land More Kind than Home by Wiley Cash...but I want something to look forward to once it is done.  One I got that I think will be next is Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable story of an Owl and His Girl by Stacy O'Brien.  It just sounds like a good light but heartwarming book to listen to.

I was real surprised to wake up and look out and see a light frost this morning.  I don't know why, but I sure did not expect it.  I had finally turned the AC off last night, and this afternoon I had to kick the heat on and let the furnace run two or three times just to take the chill off.  I turned it off again for now.

I best get off to do a couple little jobs before bed....I hope you are having a nice weekend...

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

While waiting...

Here it is after 5:00 and they are here doing the going to be a while before they are done.  They were here yesterday and today taking care of the roof.  The one sunken down place did not have anything under it.  So they peeled it back and put wood under it.  Also replaced some shingles around the exhaust pipe of the looks a lot better but they are not all laying down...I am hoping with heat that they will.  They at least look like that is a possibility.  After the way things have been done, I fear I will never trust anyone again with things like this.  They did come back and fix the drip edge......again, hoping the other shingles lay down good with warmth from the sun.


I made these 4-patches yesterday....the first I had sewn in several days.  I wish I could get back to sewing some every day.

And I have made more of these 'leaves' or whatever you want to call them.  It is about time to cut squares and start to applique.  I did these several days ago over a couple or three nights....


A blogging friend posted a photo of a maple leaf that was completely white....I don't think I have ever seen one completely white.  But my memory is not so good at times.  But when walking out one morn, I notice all kinds of leaves in my yard turned white...we were leaving at the time so I did not take time to photograph them.

About 3 days later, maybe 4, when I did think to go back and look, all I saw were these Tulip Poplar leaves ...but still you can see how white.  I think it is mold/fungus.

That is it for now...I have more to say but too tired to type it.  Is that lazy or what?

I hope you guys are having a good week...

Saturday, October 5, 2019

A little update...

First, Roger got up and felt better yesterday.  I wanted to wait and see if he still felt better today before I posted an update.  He still stumbles easily.  It is sort of hard to explain.  If we are out somewhere, walking into the store or walking around in there, he doesn't do it.  It is just funny moments here at home....funny as in odd.  Not the ha-ha kind of funny.  And he is definitely not good bending over to do or anywhere.  But he has stayed up both yesterday and today.  So that is very good. 
The contractor sent the guy back out about the roof.  And the gutter part of the awning.  The hole in the gutter is old, and I agree with him about that.  But how it got there is more than I know.  I often sit on the porch if it rains, so I am positive that it had not been shooting back on the porch.  But he is going to try to stop it up with something.

It was one of this guy's men that had did the roofing.  Anyway, he is going to raise up the bottom part of the shingles and slide in a piece to extend it past the drip edge.  And going to redo around the exhaust from the furnace and see why that one spot is sunken.

So we shall see...but I do feel like he will try to do it right.   They are supposed to be out Monday to do it.
I hope you guys are having a good weekend....

Thursday, October 3, 2019


I have not had the heart to post, and maybe still shouldn't.  I can do okay posting photos on my other blog and pretending everything is okay.

In reality, my mood swings from one thing to another.  Part of the time, I can go on and be okay, and others I am beside myself with stress.  I cannot seem to let go the worry.

The stress is with things with the hail damage and the repairs that have been done, plus two are still not done.  We did get rain, and look below...

There is a hole in the guttering part of the awning.  When it rains pretty hard, it shoots a stream back on to the  porch.  It has never did that before.  I was so glad to be up when it rained, and could go out and check.  And there is more to this but I don't know how to explain it and could not get pics.

Then, the side of the roof that needed done has been done a while...I do not know why I have not noticed things till last week.  I don't know if it was the way the light hit it or what that drew my attention.

Just look at that roofing around the exhaust from the furnace.  I don't know what you call it when it is not a chimney...  expand the view to get a better look.

It looks like someone has almost put a knee through a space up there.  I have sent these pics to our claims adjuster and also talked to the contractor and someone is coming back out tomorrow.

Oh, I left out the part about the drip-edge.  I don't know who knows what they are and who doesn't.  But it is a metal piece the fits under the shingles at the edge of the roof, and one side fits flat against the fascia board.  Everyone I have ever known always says to extend the shingles out past the edge of the drip-edge, from a half inch to a an inch...with this, the shingles don't quite come to the edge of the drip-edge.

I have been sitting mulling all this over in my mind, and wanted to post, but could not do it and be all bright and cheerful.  It just goes round and round in my head no matter what I am doing.

I would like to get up there and look myself, at least at the edge.  I HAVE to do something with the guttering, cause during this, I noticed one side of the guttering did not have a bit of water coming down the downpout.  So it is clogged for sure.

One of the guys comes tomorrow to talk to me about the roof, and I really don't know how to handle it.  If he tries to smooth it over and leave it like this, I do not know what I will do...

Roger is having a bad day today,   He is in bed today...does not feel good.  He usually just lays in his chair and naps...but went back to bed this morn.  He just got up to get something for a he is not feeling good at all.  He has been being so shaky lately I did not dare ask him to help with out ladder.  And it is so heavy I cannot handle it by myself.  It was hard for me when I was in my 40's.  Now,  I just cannot do it.  And I would trust Roger's cousin, but he is not in the best of health either.  So it is like I am between a rock and a hard place.

Sorry for such a whiny post...hopefully next one will be better.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

A bit of the process....

I was in there getting a few more shapes ready to baste and thought I would take a few pics of the process.

I just realized I should have taken a couple more photos, but will make do with these.  The white in the above photo is freezer paper.  The same old freezer paper that has been around for years.  It has a shiny, slick side.  The slick side is placed against the back of the fabric.

Use a hot iron and press the freezer paper to the back of the fabric.  It does not stain it, or do any harm to it.  But it will stick to it till you want it to come out.  (and once it is taken out, it can be used again and again.)

Next I cut the fabric closer to the shape, leaving just enough to fold over the edge of the freezer paper and baste down  like in the photo below.

I have made a heart quilt top using this method.....hopefully when I start to actually applique, I will try to think and take more photos.

I did get a few more freezer paper shapes cut and ironed to the back of fabrics...eleven more in fact.  Still all different fabrics.  And I still haven't used all the ones I have.  (I have been collecting orange fabrics for a LONG time, and I still look for new ones)

I did three more 4-patches, plus the one on top was from the other day.  I am hoping I can continue to do a little bit every day. 
I am anxiously awaiting a new kindle.  I have this horrible habit of getting different newletters with a list of either free or almost free books.  I find more books than I can read or ever hope to read.  But I get them anyway.  Plus I buy a few along.  As well as there are probably a dozen  or two or more I have the actual book, but purchased them for my kindle, too, because I love them so much.

Anyway, my current Kindle Paperwhite is so full, it will not hold any more...and it just does not want to function.  Their new basic Paperwhite kindle has twice the space mine does, and costs a less than what I paid for mine.  But I went ahead got one with 32GB of space.   It should last me for a life time. And I just checked, and it cost less than the Paperwhite I have now because I am a prime member...

As to the free books, I will try stuff I get free that I would probably never purchase...well, I might pay a dollar or two to try something.  But I got Once Upon A Flock by Lauren Sheuer for free....and check that link out now!  I would never have paid that much on a whim, yet now that I have read it, I feel it would have been worth it.  It was just so fun to read...yet not the funny/haha kind of read.  I wish I could lend it to all of you that read...I think most of you would enjoy it.  If you follow the link, and I hope you do, go down and read the editorial review.

I got The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony for $2  It was one of the best books I have read.  Again, one I would not have paid the asking price, but since reading it have seriously considered getting it for someone as a gift.   If you ever get the chance, read it.

What we wouldn't have given for all these books when I was a kid....

That is it for now...I think I might check a few blogs and/or do a little basting.  Hope you have a good week ahead.

Saturday, September 21, 2019


I thought I might as well show the progress so far...of my daughter's new project.

As you can see, it is not repeatedly making the same block.  She has a sketch we work from.  We call it our road map.  And she has it marked off in sections.  We will make each sections 3 1/2 times I think.  But that is not like making the same block 12, o 16, or 20 times, etc.

Look at the above...see how the the trees in that square of green--the little trees at the seam matches and lines up with the next green above it.  As if we were matching the design like you do with wallpaper.  We looked over all the rest we have sewn and did not see it happen anywhere else.
Now, to me.

I had stopped working on these, but did make these the other day...I think there is at least one more laying in there that I forgot to add.  They are will be added to the pile of 4-patches below.

I have no idea how many I have made already.  I would like to get back in the mood to get some more made.  And decide how I am going to use them.

Then there are these.  They will be appliqued to a background fabric.

Notice there are no two of the same fabric.  There will be before I am done.  But I still have orange fabrics that I have not used.  If you will expand the view, you can see the edges are turned under by hand basting now.  I want to get back to making more, or else start getting these appliqued on to the background fabric.

Lorelei went back home today...they were going to go to Hobby Lobby.  As they were passing a what I assume was a Halloween display, she asked her mom, "How do you actually die from kicking the bucket?"

Friday, September 20, 2019

Just a bit of this and that....

First a photo from a few days ago...I meant to include it on my other blog but did not get it done.  so I will post it here.

I had to take Roger in to get his prescriptions renewed yesterday.  Then had to take him back this morning before he ate to have lab work done.  Then he has his allergy shots every other Thursday.  So that was this afternoon.  He went in and was in there longer than normal.  Usually he is in and right back out.

He said he sat there  a while and then someone came out and told him no one was there today to give shots.  So, I don't know if someone else gave him his last shot, and did not know to give him a paper to give to me that told the changes, or if they just expected him to read the changes.  The nurse that usually gives him his shots, she always knows to send something to me.  But every now and then someone else gives the shot and would not know he has had a stroke and does not function quite normal. He does not pay attention to things like that now.  It would be a struggle for him to read, and even if he read it, he would be apt to forget what it said and/or forget to tell me.
The above was started  last night but did not finish.  I lost track of what all I was going to tell.  And now, I need to get dressed now and take Roger to breakfast.  I pick up Lorelei after school today and she is spending the night.  Then, our daughter that lives in St Louis is coming to sew tomorrow. 

I hope you all have a good weekend ahead . 

Saturday, September 14, 2019


I did start quilting my summer quilt using the Eye of the Hurricane quilt top.  I did the little bit show here, and kept having problems with the thread shredding.  I don't know why I did not change my needle after the first time.  I did the little bit up here about three days back and had not touched it till today.  I went down and put a new needle in, a bigger needle, and sewed for an hour and a half or so. this evening.  It is some of the worst quilting I have ever did, but it really doesn't bother me.

The contractor did come and look at the awning Tuesday and Thursday night, someone came worked on it.  Screwed it down good under the eave.  They filled the previously filled holes with caulk.  I think it will be okay, but again it is one of those things if Roger was himself, we would have did it and it would have been done right to begin with.   I never say stuff like this to him...but almost every day he says he wishes the stroke had not happened.

The guttering is left to be done on the garage, and the siding on the north side of the house.  The guttering should be done in about a couple weeks...not sure about the siding.  I will be so relieved to have them all done and be able to forget about them.

It has been hold all week...back up in the 90's, and supposed to be up in the high 80's most of next week.  I am ready for cooler weather.  I am seeing more trees with color.  Just bits of red here and there.  Tiny bits.  We will see a whole tree here and there that is turning yellow.  I just so want it to be a long, slow fall!

Monday, September 9, 2019

A bit more fun...

Last weekend Lorelei and I had a game of generic Trouble...I say generic cause it is like the game only it has another name which escapes me right now.


Last week we had a game with us each just having a single color...then we played one with us each having two colors.  She started talking about putting faces on the game pieces while we were playing and she was going to do it after the game.  Instead with us playing two colors, it took forever and we both forgot about it.


So yesterday we were playing a game and she started talking about it again.  I don't even remember if I waited till we were done to get out the marker,  but we did finish the game.  She immediately began to make faces.


She also had the idea to have each color a mood.

I don't think I have to tell you that this one is Happy....I love it best of is Lorelei's mood 99% of the time.
It has been a fairly good day...I have just pushed the awning to the back of my mind.  The contractor did not call or come by this day.  Maybe he will tomorrow.  I am not holding my breath about it though.  Also, not going to make myself sit here all day waiting if I want to get out and go.   I just hate to sit and wait for a phone call.  For one thing, I have to stay within hearing of the phone, or take it with me...which I do sometimes.

The other thing is Roger does not answer the phone....and seldom pays attention to it.  I would not want him to answer in this case cause he might tell them we would be here at such and such a time, but never remember it again.
I have been slowly sewing a little bit by hand on days I can function. ... I hate to show anything now cause it is apt to be a year before there is much progress,,,LOL  I have not decided how big the project is going to be.  I am positive about only one thing for sure, sort of two things.  I know the background color(s) will be different prints of the same color.  And for sure one other color is going to show up A LOT...not sure if I am going to restrict it to that color alone or maybe introduce a few more.

The hand sewing I am doing now is just basting, but it is fun.  Yet I long to get in there at the machine and sew some too..

And I cannot remember if I told I decided to make a 'summer quilt' with my Eye of the Hurricane quilt top.  Last week or the week before I used a thrifted flannel sheet as the backing, and layered it with the quilt top.  No batting.  I layered them on the table and pin basted them.  I am not worried if there is a little pleat here and there.  It is for us to have to snuggle under on the couch or in our should work out good and not be too heavy.  You might guess that it is me that usually has cold spells...LOL

I have got to get it out and decide on a thread and get it quilted.  Hoping that doesn't take me all fall to get done.

That is about it...I do need to go check the dryer...and then I can call it done for the day.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

A bit of playing

Just a little something to puzzle your mind...

How about this....


Or this.

I must say I feel somewhat like the Mad Snapper....

Lorelei was here and said,  "Hey Mamaw!  Look!"  And our Mad Snapper moments began...this is just a few of the many pics we took,

These last two had her own special touch...

Okay, did you guess what Lorelei had me look at?  It the mirror I had laying there reflecting on the ceiling..  Lorelei immediately started laying things on it to see what would show up.

The very first one was her hair brush, the second one is one of my pincushions.

The 3rd and 4th are  T-pins.  Did you notice that the second one spells 'Hi?"

The last two is her glasses plus her making shadows with her hands.

I want to add that this is the reflection from the magnifying side of the mirror.  the regular side just made a little bit reflection.

During this, I found out the mirror is cracked...I have no idea how long that has been.

The guys have been here replacing panels on our awnings that were damaged during the storm  back in May.  I assume they are done...or think they are done.  But I have been so stressed out with it...I don't even know how to explain what all is stressing about it. I took photos and sent to our claims adjuster.   He said he would reach out to the guy that is in charge of getting the repairs done. 

This morn that man called and said that he would try to come out Monday or Tuesday and check about this. 

Yesterday evening after they had gone home the wind must have kicked up a  little bit, because the one out back made so much noise I thought they were out there working it.  We got the ladder out this morn and I looked...and one piece is put on 'wrong.'   It is hard to side has a lip that is curled up, and the other side has a lip that is curled down.  The last two do not hook together.

Will hush...I hope everyone is having a nice weekend..