Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Patton's Corner in Indiana

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, we took a little rambling drive...most of which took place in Parke County, Indiana.
This is a little place out in the middle of nowhere. We have passed it numerous times but have never stopped and looked around.

Yesterday we did things differently...we pulled off the road and meandered around through the old implements and tools.

They were so close together that it was near impossible for me to get really good photos, but showing a few of them anyway.

They will at least begin to give you a feel for the place.

All of these photos will enlarge if you click them...they might look better that way but I am not sure.

I will be showing a few more shots from this place in days to come. I could go back there today and enjoy it. There was just more than I could take in. It is just there for you to look one gives a tour or anything. There is a little house/shack that is just full of stuff. Again, could not take it all in.