Monday, June 9, 2014

Had a sleepover

The last time Lorelei was here, she asked when were we ever going to come spend the night with when her mom asked if we would like to come spend the night we couldn't resist.
We spent all afternoon outside....I have never seen a child that could have so much fun pouring water from one thing to another.  Maybe my girls did it, too, but I don't remember it.

I think I have given myself permission to just sit back and watch her...she is young only once.

Friday night she was in a snacking Sarah had fixed her two or three snacks...and she wanted more.  So Sarah told her there were pickles, string cheese, pepperoni, and I forget what else that was low down where she could reach it in the fridge.  She kept wanting her mom to come and Sarah wanted her to do it on her own.

Lorelei just kept on, and Sarah told her to go get it by her self...either take it or leave it.  Lorelei sort of stomped into the kitchen and said, 'I'll take it.'
I can't resist adding this one of her having Otto in a headlock.  I was sitting in the shade shooting into the sun so there are too many shadows where they shouldn't be.  Still you get the general idea of what a great dog Otti is.  His name is Otto, but we call him Otti...
And the above is one Sarah sent me this evening of Lo and her friend Emily...taking Otto for a ride in the wagon.  Sarah said he got in very willingly but didn't stay long.