Friday, July 18, 2008

Night rambles....

Click any photo to enlarge.
I have been watching the moon all week, and finally last night decided to take a stab at capturing it again. This was along about 11:00--I was out down there in my pj's with my husband helping me carry my tripod. And guess what, it was in a position to get it and Karanovich's funeral home together!
I have wanted to get them together forever but never seem to notice when the time was right. These certainly are not perfect, but I do kind of like the affect. I have done nothing with them...except the second one I darkened the background just a bit. I don't have a filter of any kind on--not sure why I got the star effect, unless it was keeping the shutter open a bit long than needed.
They are not the greatest, but for some reason I like them. Even with the 'hotspots' in them...I suppose if I could think straight right now I could use the photo software to even them out a little. I know when I used to develop B&W that I could adjust for spots that were either too dark or too light.