Sunday, November 6, 2011

Typical fall day....

We are at Sarah's you can see I am at blogger!  They got a router, and I brought my net book so here I am.  For how long I don't know.  The toot is is late...we don't know if she will just sleep through the night or if she will wake up and then want to stay up all night.

It has been a typical fall day--beautiful weather to be outside in.  We sat for an hour or two out back...laughing at Lorelei and Otto...

Roger and I went for a drive yesterday...didn't really see much...except a lot of buzzards.  We went over into Illinois and then back north of Danville to that Eagle and Heron viewing station, that we went to a while back.  And it just this second dawned on me that I forgot to take a picture of the viewing platform...again.  For someone who likes to take photos as a way to document things now, I can sure ignore the obvious sometimes.
I wonder...what are your reasons for taking photographs?  It is hard to explain how I feel about photography.  I like to take pictures to show the beauty of things as I see capture a moment in time.

But more than that, I feel this need to document things as they are now.  Yet I don't do enough of the actual documenting.  The little town I live in has changed so much in the past 35 just would not believe the changes.  It is hardly recognizable in some ways.  The main business area is only  about three blocks side of the street hardly has any buildings left that was there when I moved here.  The other side has several buildings missing...and I don't have a single photograph from back then.

Then there is photographing people.  I just don't take people's photographs.   Or very, very seldom.  Oh, I don't mind Lorelei and Sarah and Roger...cause I know they don't mind.  Nor would Jeremy if he were there when I had the camera...but other than them...I don't have the nerve.  I think because I always hated my own being taken.  Though I did not mind so much if someone snapped a photo while I was doing something and did not ask me to pose.

Yet I love looking back at old photographs of people....and places and things.  They are a way of connecting with our past.