Saturday, July 28, 2012

And the wind did blow!

Notice how the ornamental grass is bent over....the wind was blowing full force yesterday when we were out for a drive to check the creeks we fish in. This is on what we call the back road to Mansfield.

And this is what we were in. I did not try to lighten the pictures cause this is how it was for a short, short time. The wind was so strong it had blown over a tree in the road...I should say a small tree. About 4 or 5 inches at the base. Roger was able to pull it our of the way.
At one point something hit the top of the Rav with full force...I think we both forgot to check when we got home...but I would bet it dented it or scratched it at least. We have no idea what hit us...but I would not have wanted it to hit me.

Oh, and did we ever see any rain? It takes about 5 minutes from where these photos were taken to get to Mansfield dam....while we fished, at one point several drops fell. And that was it.
We are going to see the toot after a won't be on here much. Will try to visit later on.