Friday, April 27, 2012

Harry Evans Bridge....

The gate that was featured in yesterdays post is right past this covered bridge on the right side. A few years ago, to the left of the bridge, culerts were laid and concrete poured to make another way over the creek....I have always assumed for farm machinery to be able to get back and forth quicker.
It was on the cool side that required me to put on a long sleeved shirt when I went outside to hang some laundry.

I just stayed home today...doing some laundry and started trying to clean up my sewing area. I have really dreaded starting on that. But a dent was made in the mess. If I am working on a project, and there is a mess from it, as long as I got down there almost every day it does not bother me. But let me be away from it for a while, and I cannot stand to sew until I have it somewhat under control.

I still have to get the backing for Roger's quilt made...when he got those two weeks, I just lost all interest in doing anything and have found it hard to get back on track. But the urge to sew is hitting me, so I should make it, but I am also wanting to start something new.

We are going to meet Lorelei and her mommy tomorrow evening, and bring her home to spend the night. Then, depending on how she feels, may meet Sarah Sunday till neither of us has to make the real long drive...but if Lorelei wants to spend another night, we will try it again.