Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The kindness of strangers...


I have barely touched these the past couple of days.  And two of these were made months ago.  I have one or two more made...this photo was taken before they were finished.  I am not for sure how I am going to stitch them together....there are so many ways that they will fit. 


Now to the challenges...one we are laughing about.  It was time to put the new license plates on our vehicle.  We get an actual physical plate about every 4 yrs I think.  The other years, we get stickers that we place in the corner of the plate.....with the year on it.  I have just about always taken care of this.  I went out to do it Sunday afternoon, and could not unscrew the the screws!  

I actually got a groin injury...or I suppose that is what it was/is.  It has almost quit hurting.  The first thing I rounded off a screw.  I tried the other screw...leaning into it will all my weight and pushing...with my feet braced.  That is when I felt the pain... I could not turn the screw one little bit.  So I got WD-40 and sprayed them and decided to let them set and hopefully soak loose,  and then see if Roger would have any more strength. 

When he came up from the basement, I told him I needed his help.  This is what we ended up doing...he pushed in with all his might, and I used channel locks on the screw driver to turn it.  We got the one good screw off that way.  I went and got the Vise-grips and he got hold of the other screw it and got the vise-grips locked on and was able to get it that way.  But we have both laughed about it taking two adults to change the license plates.    I was thinking that I surely was not going to have to wait and have Jeremy do it.  


The other thing is not so funny.  I ran to Walmart yesterday to pick up a few things, and came out and had locked my keys in the car...in the ignition no less.  Normally, I cannot lock the door with the keys in the ignition, unless I am sitting in the seat.   I tried to call Roger...to have him go get our neighbor to bring him with his key.  Well, since his stroke, he cannot answer the phone...too many buttons there.  He may get it right once in a dozen times.

I tried to call our neighbor, but no answer.  Turns out I had one number wrong.  But he would have had a hard time getting Roger's attention to even get in and tell him what I needed.  So, I did not know who to call over there...in more ways than one.  A couple about our age was sitting waiting in the car beside me, so I motioned for her to roll down her window and told them I needed advice...and asked did they have anyone they would recommend to call to get my door open.

There was a car dealership near us, so she ran and asked them...they called a wrecker service and they came right out and opened it.  But the lady and her husband would not leave until they were sure I was being helped.   And tried to get me to wait in the car with them. This just goes to prove there are a lot of decent people still around.


I am going to leave you with this little short video...Don't Cry!