Thursday, October 1, 2020

Out of my natural element...

 I am at my daughter's house, taking care of Delta while she is away for work.  

Thought I might as well share this short video on here, since I just mentioned her....I had watched The Journey of Natty Gan the night before I tried to watch the above video, Iron Will.  She really enjoyed The Journey of Natty Gan, but it did not hold a candle to this.  I had to turn it off because she got so excited, I was afraid she was going to tear something up.  She would bark and bark, and grab her toy and shake it, then hold it and raise up on the shelf there thinking she could offer it to those huskies and them play with her.  Also along this line, she recognizes animals whether it be real ones, or cartoon ones.  Remember that.

She is so funny.  Daughter house is two stories...she watches the comings and goings of the neighborhood from the window in in her office that looks out to the street.  If something gets out of her sight there, she is up the steps like a flash to get a better view from the upstairs window.  and she knows enough to go from one room that faces one way to the other if they turn a certain way.

My daughters live about 3 miles apart, and when time permits, they walk together.  And most of the time they take Delta.  Sarah said, "Mom she is something else."  She said she never pays attention to other dogs...only if it is a German Shepherd.  

Remember the statement about her recognizing cartoon animals.  They passed one of those 'No dogs doing their business signs' know the one I am talking about.  Showing a dog in that position.  Delta seen the sign and ran over and poked it with her nose!


I had several things to tell about but am having a hard time remembering them.  I thought I would share the above pic from the 29th...this is from the driver's seat as I drove to Crawfordsville.  Being here I had to go a new route, and let me tell you, I sure enjoyed it.  I was so afraid that there would be a lot of traffic on this road, but I doubt I seen over a dozen vehicles on this road.  How I wish I could have captured the farm scenes and the atmosphere.  It was just glorious.

Lots of fields of soy beans have been harvested, as well as some corn...such wide open spaces.  I always think how happy farmers must have been to find this rich soil.  

I would have loved to have stopped and taken some good shots...these are while I drove.  I just sort of glance at my screen and shoot.   I have a whole lot more bad shots than good.  And the 'good' ones could always be better.  Anyway, I could not stop...I had to continue to the dermatologist...and not knowing what all kinds of construction I might run into, I had given myself lots of time.  

I got up there early enough to run into Walmart and pick up a few items, then continued on the doctor.  She took a mole off.  She does not think it is anything, but it was very close to where I had a mole that was skin cancer a few years ago.  I think she did it till I would quit worrying.  And it is not like I worry about it constantly.  Really, just once in a blue moon a second of real dread will pop up.  But am now waiting on the pathology results so I would appreciate prayers for it not to be anything.


OH!  I know what I wanted to share.  A good feeling story.  The other morn, I took Roger through the drive thru at McDonald's.  I was in the outside lane and had placed our order and was heading on to the pay window.  Well the lady on in the inside lane finished her order and I swear I thought she was going to just hit me.  I stopped, and there was bare enough room for her to go on when the car ahead of us went.  

I told Roger, 'Look at her!  I think she would have run over me if I had gone on!'  He realized it was happening and agreed with me.  But for one I did not even get really aggravated. When the car ahead went on, I just let her go...thought maybe she was running late.

I got to the window, and she had paid for our breakfast, too!  

That is it for this post....I am having a hard time concentrating.  Have not read a single line of a book since being here!  Just hard for me to settle in somehow.

Hope you guys have a good weekend...