Thursday, November 5, 2009

By the side of the road

On a drive a few days ago, we came across this by the side of the road...probably at least half a mile in any direction to a house. I just had to take a photograph of it. I thought it kind of neat.

I am trying to get back into some sewing...and I want to explain something. When I say I am designing a quilt I probably shouldn't use the term designing. I am almost always just playing with the arrangement of I don't know if that qualifies as designing. A better term would be to say that I am planning my quilt maybe. Anyway, I didn't want someone to think I was that talented.

I completed 6 little blocks, have some others half made and during making the first two blocks earlier in the evening, I made the same mistake 2 or 3 times and had to do the froggy, rip-it, the seam out. It is very satisfying to sew. There is nothing like hearing my sewing machine or hearing the shutter of my camera! It is very soothing to my soul.

I think I will head back down to the basement here in a second...I just came up to do this post before I got too tired. I want to post a photo on my other blog also.

Letting the photos speak alone...