Friday, May 2, 2008

New addition to the family...

I mowed the yard earlier this week on Wednesday I think--we have a small garden spot. I mow right up to the edge of it. Then my husband came home that night and tilled the garden spot. Right at the edge he turned up a nest of rabbits. He put all the babies in one spot near the nest in the hopes that the mama would find them. Neither of us really know much about rabbits. So I have no idea if one would come or not. I seen him do it, and I just did not have the heart to go look.

Then last night he came home and camelast night he came home and came in carrying this little fellow...and handed it to me. It was very lively but very cold. I held it a few seconds, and handed it to my daughter and got on the phone to call the vet to see if they have any type of rabbit milk formula. They didn't. So I called stores in the surrounding area and a farm store in a neighboring town had formula that was supposed to be for rabbits and dogs.

I ran and bought some...looking at it closer today I discovered that even though it has pictures of rabbits, the wording does not include them. But it is all I have to work with...I have no idea if the baby will survive or not. At least if it does die, it will be warm and safe. And on the positive side, it has done lived longer for me than any I ever had as a kid. Of course, usually those had done been very traumatized by a cat or dog catching them.