Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Something Roger shared

First a photo from the antique/junk shop over in Arthur, Illinois...a cookie jar.  I did have a pig cookie jar that belonged to Roger's grandmother.  I sent it home with Sarah....wanted it to be passed on.

We were on our way to Sarah's....she was fixing chicken kabobs and invited us to have some with them.  Plus we were picking up Lorelei for a couple nights.

We had not even got out of town till Roger told me when he was young, he wanted a gold tooth and a tattoo.  I asked how old he was, thinking he would say 6 or 7....he said, oh in his teens.  I found that hard to believe but  I about died laughing...was laughing to hard I was crying and almost had to pull off the road.

I wish I had a recording of what he said and how he said it.  He said he thought he would be cool...yeah, baby!  How would you have liked that.

I really don't know if he was in his teens when he wanted them....I just find it so hard to believe.  But thought it would be something fun for you to read!