Saturday, February 9, 2019

This and that

I made this little zippered bag was an experiment in size and also I used a sew-in stabilizer rather than one that is first ironed in.

This looks like a completely different bag, but it is the same one. Just different lighting. In real life it is the color of the first photo.  I chose to show this second view to show that it stands up on its on.  That is why I use a make the sides stiff enough to hold their form.  As is usual, it is a learning process in how I am going to make the next one.


This is my current read...The Man called Red:  An Autobiography of a Guide and Outfitter in Northern British Columbia...his memoirs start out with him growing up and becoming a cowboy to begin with. I am to the point where he has become a Forest Ranger.  I am only a bit past 1/4th of the have a lot of adventures left to read.  I tend to like memoirs and autobiographies by people that are not famous...just the common man or woman.  This one is not exactly one that I can't put down, but it is well worth reading.