Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It came today!!! That was fast!
And it has the KTCA seal....that is Kitty Tested, Cat Approved.

This is the small quilt I won for posting over on Jane's blog...thank you Jane for picking my name out of the hat!

I have had a totally frustrating day...looking for some papers. But in the process I came across this newspaper clipping that shows me picking apples. This was taken in the fall of 2004 or seems like a lifetime ago. We did have a lot of fun...I miss the people I worked with and for. (Notice who took the picture....not me!)

I really do not know if it is my age or what, but every time I turn around I am having to hunt for something. I feel like I am slowly going insane....I was going to list some of the things I have had to hunt for recently but am too embarrassed.

And my body's thermostat is totally messed hour I am freezing and the next my internal child is playing with matches. I will feel hot enough to heat up the whole outdoors. This is not fun.

I think I have decided how to do one of the baby will be colorful I can almost promise you that. My younger daughter decided she wanted me to use the same fabric as my older daughter chose. So to get myself calmed down and farther design it in Quilt shouldn't be hard.

Not sure when I will get to it...I want to get up tomorrow and do something in this house. And I have got to start on the retirement papers for my husband. I cannot delay too long on that. So, guess I better hush here and think about settling myself down till I can sleep!