Friday, February 7, 2014

Vulture in flight

This is an oldie...a cropped photo.  I like it anyway. 

Maybe one of these days I will get back to taking photos.  This past year I have only taken approximately 2100 photos, give or take a few.  The year before that I had taken 6,000.  I didn't go back to the year before that to compare, but I think it was even more than that.

Random 5 Friday

We saw the above down at Little Nashville a two or three month ago...just thought I would pop it in here since I had nothing planned to post.

Supposed to stay bitter is -6ºF as I type...and supposed to have bitter wind chill temps tomorrow.  I doubt I get out and do anything.

Well, it is time for Random 5 thoughts..

1.  Can you believe Lorelei will be 5 years old this month?  I can hardly believe it.  The time has gone by too fast.

2. We watched Jay Leno for the last will be a while before I watch the Tonight Show again.  It just takes a while to be ready for someone new.  I was the same way when Johnny Carson left and Jay took was a while before I could watch and accept him.  I am going to miss seeing him and Terry Bradshaw together. We always knew we were going to be laughing if Terry was going to be on.

3.  I got my new glasses...the frames need adjusting.  I knew they fit a bit snug when I got them, but did not realize just how bad.  So that means I have to get back to Terre Haute soon.  Hoping I can do that next week.   Thy are so different to anything I have worn.  I cannot get used to seeing myself in them.

4.  Every time my brother and I talk on the phone, we talk about food.  Food we ate as we like we want to try.  He always ends the conversation with  "I'm guess I better hang up...I want to read a little bit and I know you want to find something to eat---I wouldn't want you to starve to death."

5  My mom used to say if you haven't ever made a mistake, you haven't ever done anything.  Well, I must have done a lot cause I have made a lot of mistakes!

With that, I am linking to Nancy's Random 5 Friday!