Saturday, July 18, 2009

What to post....

I am having a time deciding what to post, and I just typed the title and hit the magical key that posted this without anything at all being in the post. So, since tomorrow is Sunday, I might as well post some photos of this church we passed over in Illinois on our way to Willow Slough the other day.
I don't remember the town it was in, and though we drove on two sides of it, we did not see a name anywhere. It was surely there, but we sure did not see it.
I really liked these features of it...I am just amazed at some of the architecture seen every where you go. But I thought this was an extra nice church. If I remember correctly it was a very small the middle of farm country.
I always wonder who goes to churches this size out in the middle of no where. I don't know the size of the farms in this area, but I do know that farmhouses and barns are much fewer and far between than around here.

Will the real tiger lily please stand up?

I have called other lilies tiger lilies, but when I saw these, it made me wonder if they are the real thing. Does anyone know or is tiger lily just a general term as I have used it for years or does it belong to a specific one?