Saturday, May 1, 2010

How quickly we forget

I was looking for something to post tonight and came across this...I feel chilled just looking at it. I at least feel sure I remember being cold while taking the photograph.

That is the thing about photographs...they are remembrances of things past...of things we have seen. Things that have brought feelings rushing to the forefront, that makes us want to capture a moment in time.

I feel compelled to take photographs. When I was young, I always had my camera with me....though at that time I did not have the money to take near all the photographs I wanted. Then through the years of raising our girls, working, and just life in general my cameras fell by the wayside. I did take a lot of photographs of them when they were young, and a few when we would go to Tennessee. But the camera was no longer my constant companion.

The past year or two the camera has regained its place...I take either either one or both of them with me almost every where we go. If I leave home without, most times I regret it. I see things that are just so beautiful, I want to capture that moment in time. Sometimes looking at things with the camera makes me see stuff I would not have noticed otherwise.

Also, I get so much enjoyment from looking at old, old photographs of times past, it makes me want to start recording things as they are now to leave for future generations. There is nothing I like better than finding digital libraries on line....specially when they are about Tennessee.