Monday, June 30, 2008

Cloud chasing again...

Roger asked me if I wanted to go for a drive...of course I said yes.
It had been overcast part of the day and bright and sunny part of the day, so thought we might get some interesting skies before the day was done.
So we headed south, to a place called Merom Bluffs. I was hoping with the air being clear that I might get some photos I liked.
Merom Bluffs is approximately 20 miles south of Terre Haute and are high above the Wabash River. These photos below does not really do it justice, but I got to concentrating on the clouds so much I forgot the original intent of going there.

I am not how far we can actually see from up there, but I am sure it is miles. Probably 5-10 miles at the least. And you look down on the Wabash...thinking about how it was a major route of travel for pioneers.
Then on the way home, I photographed these clouds as we were heading north. I thought sure we were going to get a major storm but it cleared up without anything but a few big drops of rain.