Wednesday, May 29, 2019


I would have liked to take some individual pics of the teacups, but the store they were in was crowded for it.  Actually, it is so crammed full of stuff, that there just is not room to move if there are a dozen people in it.  So I snapped a couple pics because I know two or three of my blogfriends love teacups.  And I do love them, too, I just do not collect them.  ( I do suggest that you click to expand the view.)

It is so hard not to collect them...but I have been resisting that temptation for several years now.  And being that I am trying to rid myself of things, I try not to bring anything new into the house that is not necessary.

Well, there is an exception to that...fabric and sewing items.  But will save that for another post.
We actually had quite a bit of thunder...I thought for a bit we were going to have one of the regular old thunderstorms we used to have, but it was very short lived.  It does keep coming across the TV screen that places south of here about 45 minutes or a bit more experienced 5 inches of rain, and the highway was flooding.  I hope we don't get that!

I hope you all have good days ahead.