Friday, February 27, 2015

From Indiana--2011

I am pretty sure I have never posted this.  It was taken in 2011...I think from somewhere near Shipshewana.  How I would have loved that porch when I was kid.  Shoot, I would love it now.

Mom had a friend that lived in a house with a wrap around porch.  At least she lived there for a while.  We only went to her house once or twice a year.  And I dearly loved to go because that porch went all the way around the house.  I barely remember being in the house itself.  It was a two-story house. I was for sure never upstairs...and I don't even remember which room they had their visit in.  There was a farm pond not far from it.  I never fished in it, but mom's friend did.

It is funny, I knew I had to behave at her house.  Mom's friend had only had one daughter...I never met that daughter.  She lived in another state I think.  Anyway, I don't know if it was because Mrs. H was older, or it was cause Mr. H. was sickly, I just knew to be quiet and behave.

But if we went to the Jones, I could climb trees, and explore around the place and come in and out and nothing was thought about it.  And if there were kittens, someone would be sure to take me to them, or tell me where they were.  (My mom hated cats...)  Actually, it was one of the Jones that talked mom into letting me have my first cat.

Anyway, any time I see any sort of a wrap-around porch, I think of Mrs. H....