Friday, April 29, 2011

Morning song

Every day we were home, I awoke each morning to incredible birdsong. I think you would have to be there to believe it. I did managed to capture a couple of the main ones--the mockingbird and the cardinal. I thought the above photo a catbird, but not so sure.
Even though this one of the cardinal is blurred, I still like it. It is a cropped portion of the original photo.
I did not manage to capture the wrens though, and I think they were the most vocal of all. They had babies somewhere but I could not find the nest...even though I was close to it. The first night there one was really scolding me....but after that no matter where I looked I got no reaction. But I did see it come from around the house carrying the messes from its nest....

I also saw a couple chickadees, indigo buntings, bluebirds, and two or three types of sparrows. Oh, and what I assume was a swallow of some kind had a nest under the eave of the garage. I could never see it for more than a few seconds.
Roger and I have both been exhausted since getting home. Yesterday and today has been sunny and beautiful with bright blue skies. There is a chance of thunderstorms moving back in Saturday night...which is the last thing we need. I heard on our local news that farmers are so far behind in their planting because the ground is so saturated.

I also have a flip side to the piece I posted for yesterday, but it is so negative I just haven't had the heart to write it. One of these days I will though...just not now. I have for the most part put it behind me and would just as soon forget it, but feel like I would not be truthful if I didn't tell that side.