Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunshine is gone....home

Since I have a doctor's appt tomorrow...our sunshine had to go home today....she did not want to go either.  She came Thursday and has complained the whole time she was not getting to stay very long.  Then today she kept telling me told me three days was not very long....and she would say 'Now what do you have to do tomorrow?'  And I would tell her.  About the last time she told me call her when I got home.

She always snacks at night...sometimes she wants a poptart....sometimes she wants chicken soup....and sometimes it is a Klondike bar.  Well, those and other things.  She was having a Klondike bar last night....she was eating it and dropped a big chunk of the chocolate.  Now this happens all the time with this and other stuff and I tell her at least once a meal to sit up close to the table, and in the case of some snacks, that she is eating in the living room or on the porch...I tell her to hold the bowl up close to her.

So, last night she dropped that and I said, "How many times to do I have to tell you to hold the bowl up under your chin?"

She replies, "A LOT."

Roger and I just sat and laughed.

One time in the past year or so, she was doing something...I cannot remember what it was for the life of me and Sarah asked her, "Do you want me to spank your butt?"  She said, "No."