Saturday, January 17, 2009

The snow and how it blows....

Please enlarge these for better viewing. I know they are sort of drab, but that is how the day was!In previous posts I have talked about how the wind blows here...and I know it probably blows as hard and harder other places. I tried to capture scenes that show the snow moving...forming its own little mini whirlwind as above,
or just the sideways blow...the kind that you don't know if it is actually snowing or just blowing the snow around that is already there....and this one going down the road showing how hard the wind can blow.These cows were cold. They were all laying there huddled together till we stopped and I got out of the car. They jumped up, on the alert. I am not sure if they were afraid or if they thought I might be bringing them something good to eat.These starlings along with some doves were eating at one of the feeders. Someone had thrown grain on the roof of the feeder. I assumed on purpose.