Friday, April 8, 2016

A bit of randomness

It is time for a bit of randomness.

1.  First a new Simon's Cat video:

2.  This post has one of my all time favorite tree is the combination of the tree /atmosphere/lighting.

3. I was a happy camper a couple weeks ago when I found Amazon had finally made Sod & Stubble:  The Story of a Kansas Homestead  by John Ise available in kindle format.  Even though I have a hard copy, I bought it too quick to talk about and have now read it once again.

4.  We are thankful for good neighbors.  When Roger went to mow the yard last weekend, he discovered a flat.  Actually two flats.  The back one would not stay inflated.  The neighbor saw he was having trouble.  He has a tool to take the tires off the they did that and discovered the tired was separating.  We just got all new tires....and Tom helped get the other tires off and the new ones on.  We won't go into details about how it would start but not go in gear...or so he thought.  Roger left it for that night, but the next morning here came Tom again.  That is what you call good neighbors.

5.  I started with a bit of comedy and I will leave with a bit of comedy:

Hap Shaughnessy reminds me of a few characters I have know.  While they frustrated me, he makes me laugh.