Friday, September 6, 2013

Another from Tennessee

This is another shot from Tennessee....I figure that if the houses in the previous post had been kept up, they would have looked similar to this.
I have long enjoyed reading the Random 5 Friday posts of some of my blogfriends, and have meant to join before now.  Usually I don't think of it till I have done did a different post.  So, for my first time, and hopefully not my are my Random 5...

1.  Having a grandchild makes life so worth living!  I knew I would love a grandchild if I ever had one, I just did not realize how much.  It is not more than I loved my girls...just different.  I feel more relaxed for one thing.  Another is it is a shared responsibility.  Also, I think I have more time.

2.  Quilting is never far from my mind.  Photography is about the same...just always thinking about it.

3.  I always get more homesick for Tennessee in the fall than at any other time of year.  As you can tell by my posting pics from there.

4.  I always wish I knew and had passages of the Bible memorized as well as I do words to songs.

5.  After all these years, I still mostly love blogging...but sometimes it is so hard to figure out a post for blogging...specially this blog.  I don't have a lot of trouble with Time Stand Still, a photo blog since it is just a photo with a line or two about the photo.  I contiually learn little things through blogging.  And I seem to get more done when I am involved in blogging.

So there you have my first ever Random 5....