Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Remembering what spring looks like

I was looking for another photograph, while kind of looking for one to use on here at the same time.  I came across this and thought it is just the ticket!  Don't you love how things are such a fresh green in the spring?

This is the real editing done on this other than I did hit the sharpen button but that did not really change it much.  I am so longing for shirt sleeve weather.

We did have sun again here today...had sun all day long yesterday, too.  I hung towels on the clothesline yesterday and today I hung sheets and a blanket.  I don't think it took the sheets two hours to dry.  I used 5 or 6 clothespins on each sheet--if I hadn't I think the fitted sheet would have taken flight and left the area.

When I looked out, it had turned itself inside out and the only thing holding it on the line was the clothespins--in other words it was no longer draped OVER the clothesline. I know from experience that two or three will not hold a fitted sheet on when it is windy like it has been. I glanced out last year or the year before to see one hanging by one single clothespin...I considered myself blessed to have seen it in time.

I have been trying to declutter a little bit.  I just try to pick up a bit here and there and either trash it or put with stuff I am going to donate. Some days it is only one or two items, others it may be a dozen things. Today one thing I got rid of was a rice cooker. I used to use it fairly often, but it has been years since I used it so out it goes.

What I want to know, does everyone have stuff sitting around that they don't use.  I have really gotten rid of a lot of stuff the past year or two and it is not even missed.  I cannot help but think I don't want the girls to have a total mess when I die.  Besides that, it would be easier on me if I had less to mess with.