Saturday, June 27, 2009

Camera Critters

Another weekend and I actually thought of camera critters, so thought I would join. If you want to see more animals or to participate, click on the badge above.

As we were coming home from Illinois yesterday evening, we made just a very slight detour through the strip pit area.
I had my camera with me, and stopped to take a few pictures. I even got my first half decent picture of a dragonfly.
The milkweeds had lots of activity going on...the monarch caterpillars were really active on a couple of them. I should have counted how many there were but didn't think about it at the time. Plus there were the other creatures.

And I know I have posted pictures of the Dickcissel before, but I cannot resist these from last night. They just seem to be one of the happiest little birds.
They sit and sing their heart out. Even if they become frightened and fly, they only fly a few feet and promptly start singing again.

I am far behind on blog visits...night before last we had a storm move through. Even though the storm did not seem that bad, we had a power outage for just a minute. When that happened I went ahead and unplugged the computers....even though everything is on a surge protector, I just do not fully trust it.

Then yesterday morn, I got up, plugged everything back in, and tried to sign on before Lorelei got here. It just wasn't happening on my computer. I finally got on Rogers and got signed on, but never did here. To make a long story short, some how or other, the settings on the router had gotten changed. I half way had it figured out, but didn't want to chance doing what I thought should be done till I talked to my brother Neal. And to do that, I had to wait till Lorelei went home.

Hopefully, I will get a visit in to everyone by the time this day is over. I do have tons of stuff to do, though so visiting will be just a few here and a few there.