Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is Shelby--she is a collie/German shepherd mix that is about 11 years old. She is the official Halloween greeter. She has a loud bark even when she is just talking, but she so enjoys the kids that come trick-or-treating and thinks they all should take time to pet her. And most of them all the collies or part collie dogs I have come in contact with or owned, she loves kids. We didn't count how many we had, but sure not as many as we used to have.
Last night we were gone to late to have any, and I think we missed a lot of them then. We did not get corned at all this year--don't know if it is cause all the kids we really know are grown or if kids just don't do it to people they don't know. They used to always make me jump when it hit the windows.
Some of the boys up the street used to get their mom's old purses, tie a string to it, and set it out in the road. Then when a car stopped to get it, they would be hid back in the bushes and jerk it out or their reach. They did it one time to many, and lost one of their mom's purses that way. But they still had fun that way...