Monday, June 20, 2022

Will I ever finish it???

 I worked on this a couple or three days last week, and want to work more on it.  Last week, the AC slowed me down.  We will see about this week.  I have not decided quite how I feel about it.  It is sort of wild, but I am just using scraps.  For the most part.  I bought the gray snowflake fabric to use to set the blocks on poing, and I bought the red fabric to put a strip between the rows.  To give it some consistency.  I have four of the rows of blocks on point and will have five of the others.

Thought I would share a new photo of a dragonfly.  Saturday was the first chance I had had to try to capture any.  I know some of you do not look at my other blog so will share one here.  This seemed to be the only kind at the swamp at that time.  Usually we see a couple more varieties.

I had a dermatologist appt today...had three places I was worried about.  One of them she did not think was anything to be worried about, but in looking at my main concern, she saw two more place close to it.  One she was not concerned with , the other she was  a bit concerned.  Said she would freeze it off for now and see how it does.  She also froze the other two that was close to it.  The one I was concerned about I could feel...not something I look in the mirror and see.

So she looked my face over good, and looked at the other two places.  One she was not worried about, but the other she took a biopsy so will have to wait to see what it says.  It is maybe an inch below my eye.    If it is cancer, she is going to recommend another MOHS surgery...I am not sure how I feel about it.  I don't know if it is the shot to numb or what, but my eye went all weird for a few minutes as I was leaving.  I could see out of it but it was blurry.  And just felt so very strange.  It is hard to explain.  

So now I wait...just deal with it as it comes.  See what I can do in the meantime.  I have tons to do.  Just a matter of doing them.  I have lots of stuff to sew.  I should go sew some now.