Thursday, August 20, 2009

Look whats growing in my back yard!

I planted gourds, knowing that the vines would take up room, but not remembering how much room! My little garden spot looks like a jungle...and if all the gourds mature I am going to have enough to supply the whole neighborhood. I want some for birdhouses....and I just like to look at them.

Roger is gone to get a final tune-up on the hearing aids he recently got. After that, I think we will head to Terre Haute to pick up a new DVD player/recorder. It is a combo; it will play vhs tapes, also dub tapes to dvds, as well as record tv for me. I don't know if I am making a mistake or not...I think I am going with the brand that is the same as my old one. It was not that old, and for sure not used that much.

But I have looked for forums about problems with it and did not find any with major issues....there is one other that I am going to look at also.
I got this ready to publish this morn and got sidetracked and forgot to publish it. We picked up a new DVD/video combo and as I speak it is setting doing its thing. It is taking quite a while. We spent the entire afternoon at Sarah's...I am going tomorrow to pick Lorelei up and bring her here if nothing else changes.