Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A scanned B&W photo

This is from several years ago...before digital or else right along the time it first started to appear. From Northern Vermillion County I think.

Right now I feel about as worn out as this old barn looks....so I guess I should head to bed and see if I can sleep. Sorry to be so boring.

Edited to add:
It started storming around 3:00 a.m. this morn...I got up to unplug the computers, even though they are on surge protectors. As tired as I was it crossed my mind that I might need some of what is in the video below:

By the roadside

I really hope you will enlarge these...I think they are pretty as they are but that enlarging them still improves them. Not sure what this first flower is. But I really think it pretty.
Then we have the daisy....
I am really starting to love them. I wish I could capture them the way I see them...they grow in patches along the road and in the fields out at the strip pits. I tried taking pictures of one of the patches out there, but the lighting was wrong I guess. I will have to try to be out there at a different time of day.
The views of the single flowers of both of these turned out better than I had hoped...the wind was blowing the whole time I was out there. I was trying to get pictures of this other flower and am not sure I will post any that I took...all just a little bit blurry to my eyes.
Lorelei was here today.....she is such a cutie. (I am not biased at all.) She was not quite as talkative as she is some days. And she was fascinated with her Grandpa today. She would just stare and stare at him and grin real big if he talked to her. She does not nap much. Every now and then I get her to take an hour nap--maybe once or twice a week. Other than that she usually takes about 3 little naps per day where I am lucky if she sleeps 30 minutes. I will try to take a few new pictures of her this week.