Friday, January 27, 2017

Five Randoms

I have been wanting to do the Friday Five and have such a hard time making up my mind what to share.

1. Today I am starting out with a song from Growling Old Men...I heard them on PBS's Live From Dennison Lodge.

2.   This one is one you cannot listen to in just a moment or two, but listen to a minute or two.  Once I heard his voice I had to watch it, but it is one I could just listen to and enjoy. (There is also Farm Story, featuring the same guy.)

3.  I got to pick my Juki 98Q and bring it home yesterday.  I am one happy girl...if I dare to call myself a girl.

By the way this is an old photo.

4.  I have only sewed a very few stitches on it since I brought it home.  I had a set of wire shelves to put together when we got home.  And then we have looked and looked for something we have lost.  It is something Roger ordered just before his stroke, and it came while he was in the hospital.  It laid in there on the table, unopened until he had been home a while.  After he started coming more to himself, he opened it.  I have not seen it sine--that I remember.

We have both looked off and on all the time were home today.  I don't know whether he laid it down and lost it or if I picked it up and put it some place 'safe' without even realizing it.  

Do you ever lose things?

5.  Roger is slowly improving in some things...but not fast enough to suit him.  I want to do a post about that in a day or two if I can gather my thoughts enough to get it done.

That is my 5 for Willy Nilly Friday Five....