Friday, September 26, 2008

The day is done...almost

I looked for this photo last night and couldn't find it...I forgot I had not downloaded yesterday's photos. I just love this one...not sure why. It is another one from are all the others.

Fields were/are starting to be harvested. We seen this plume of 'smoke' off in the distance, only when we got closer we found that it was dust from this combine.

I may have found a new thing to photograph...grain elevators. I wished I had counted how many we seen....

And got to photograph a corn crib...
And this picture just makes me smile to look at with all those birds on top.

I have been busy today doing laundry and I mowed most of the yard. And I made a big pot of chili which I will probably be mine alone. Other than the one bowl Roger ate, that is. I wanted to make chili before we left, but no one else wanted any. So all the time we were gone, I craved chili. I did have a bowl at one place that tasted a lot like my was good. There was just not enough of it...when I crave chili or vegetable soup, I make a pot and eat on it all day long. I told Roger it was the first thing I made when I got home, but it was actually the second, because I did fix a bite of breakfast this morn.