Sunday, March 14, 2010

Normal and photoshopped

These are from the foggy trip up north the other day. The top photo is
the true to life photo...I did staighten the image, but otherwise it
is as I took it. This was taken after the fog had really started
to lift...if it had been earlier when we first started, or even an
hour earlier, we would not even have known it was there.

This bottom one I did the auto levels on...I actually like it best as
photos go, but the other will always make the memory of the trip
more vivid. I hope it is a long time before we travel in fog as thick
as it was that day. In fact, if I never travel in it, I would not be
at all disappointed.

Panting: the new form of comic relief

I just have to share this...we came home and found this little video in our email. Have your sound on. The laugh is contagious. Lorelei's daddy can make her laugh at almost anything.