Thursday, September 6, 2007

I am so totally happy to have the two little furballs in my life. They just brighten up any day...I cannot believe I waited this long to get another cat. They are little bundles of energy and love. My husband goes and gets them about the first thing if they don't come running. He doesn't admit it, but I think he is as happy to have them as I am.

I still have not trimmed my 9-patch. I should take it downstairs and I will work on it when I am down there messing with laundry. And the next chance I get I will take a picture of it. I also started adding sashing and cornerstones to some other blocks I have. I am in the mood to get things done. I think I will try to make it big enough for a queen size bed for one of the my daughters.

I wanted to fix something to sew by hand to have while I wait to see the surgeon tomorrow. I hope I don't have to wait too long before I have the biopsy done...I just want it over with. Still don't feel really worried over it. I hope if it should be cancer that I am able to keep this mood. I really do not want to put my husband through a lot with it. But if it is cancer, I want a total mastectomy--no messing around with a partial. It seems like everyone I know who has had the partial has had re-occurences.