Saturday, December 5, 2015

At last....

For one reason or another I have not sewn a stitch in several days...the other night I sat and sewed one line.  Just to be able to say I touched my machine.  But that doesn't really count.

But today, I worked towards that end.  I had laundry to do.  And so while in the basement doing it, I vacuumed down there.  Then I cut my strips and also dug out a few more fabrics to use to cut 4½ squares.  And while I was doing this, Roger ran to the store, came home and fixed us hamburgers and fried taters!  YUM

After eating, I ironed my fabrics and cut the 4½ inch squares, and by the time I sewed them to the 2¼ inch strips the first time the sun had gone down.  So I cut them apart and will square up the ends tomorrow.  I don't have good lighting in there to do this cutting stage...but am glad to have had a few minutes with my machine.
And with these waiting for me, I know I will work more tomorrow.