Wednesday, February 27, 2019

This and that

When I was hurting so bad, I picked this up and finished it.  I cannot even remember how long ago I started it.  When I did the transfer, I did not iron long enough and the lines were so light I could barely see most of them and a couple of them I just guessed at.  I think I would have finished it when I first started it if not for that.  I have another towel ironed and ready for another transfer.

I finished this...and am thinking about starting another one.   I wish I had a 500 piece puzzle cause I can usually work them rather quickly and not have that mess setting out.  Bubbie actually got up on this one before it was hoping he is not going to start again.  Notice in the lower right corner how crazy the pieces are cut.  I thought till the very end that I had lost a piece.

I have been to the chiropractor twice....still got a ways to go.  I tried to bend over Monday morn to pick up my glasses prior my first visit and  for most of the day could only take baby steps.  And I even said 'ouch' out loud when when Doc adjusted me and I never do that.  But I am slowly improving...I have to believe that.

Hope the rest of your week is a good one!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

February 24

This has been occupying a lot of my time...below is what it is supposed to look like when finished.

I work on it in minutes here and there.  My back/hip is 'out of order' and I have not been doing much of anything.  I go to the chiropractor tomorrow.  Hoping he can help me without having to go too many times.   I was just walking to take the garbage out and felt my hip twinge week before last.  It has gradually gotten worse...I am taking ibuprofen faithfully.

Though standing and walking really irritates my hip, I did stand and cut a few more of the 6½ squares from the old flannel shirts.  I am trying to make up my mind whether to just sew them randomly or to try to have some sort of order to them.  Whatever I do, it is not going to be a pretty quilt.  I am going for warm, and comfy and one I don't mind if the cats lay on.

That is it for now...I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Stitch therapy....

Today was a step forward for us...we actually got out and went to Walmart and picked up things we needed/wanted.   We had to go ALL.OVER.the STORE.  But we both did pretty good,  though we were both sure ready to get home when we did.

Roger carried in most of the bags, and I put away things.  By then I was ready to sit for a my second wind and wanted to sew.  I knew I was not good for going downstairs and standing and cutting.  But I knew I would be good to sew a few lines up here.  So I made a couple string blocks.  They are mindless and do not require exact sewing.   In the photo above I am putting the final piece on one.

I make them by just sewing random strips/scraps together.  Some people will choose a color palatte but I never have.  Though I think one with chosen colors might be in my future.  Anyway, above is one before it is trimmed to size.

And above and below they have been trimmed to 6½ inches in size.

It felt good to do something normal...good health means everything.   I hope your day was a good one...

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Wondering when

I, actually both of us have been sick since Tuesday....we have not left the house in days.  I am wondering when I will ever feel like sewing again.  I have not been on this computer in days.  That says I am really, really sick to not be on it.  I have been on my phone and tablet a bit, but even those not much at all.

Hoping we can be more back to normal next week. 

Monday, February 11, 2019

It is cutting time again...

I spent the afternoon in the basement...Ironing pieces of shirts, and then cutting 6 1/2 inch squares!    I got the idea years ago to buy shirts from Good Will to make a quilt with.  At first it was just shirts that said loud and clear 'To Be Worn With Jeans'....I only bought them when on sale.  And I only bought sizes Large or larger. 

This is that quilt.  It is only older daughter wanted it when I made it.  It has been all over creation with her.  It is at least 21 years old...maybe a little older.  And still in use.  The shirts are all cotton shirts. 

This is one that we use...I have it put away right now, but w have used it for years.   It is from flannels shirts.

These are the same squares as in the first photo...just spread out a bit.  Yet you are still not seeing all the different flannels.  It will take a lot more squares than pictured here.   Yet I have not decided how big I want to make it...I want it big enough to cover up with in my chair or on the couch.  But I don't think I want a full sized.  But we shall see.  My quilts are never planned...they just evolve.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

This and that

I made this little zippered bag was an experiment in size and also I used a sew-in stabilizer rather than one that is first ironed in.

This looks like a completely different bag, but it is the same one. Just different lighting. In real life it is the color of the first photo.  I chose to show this second view to show that it stands up on its on.  That is why I use a make the sides stiff enough to hold their form.  As is usual, it is a learning process in how I am going to make the next one.


This is my current read...The Man called Red:  An Autobiography of a Guide and Outfitter in Northern British Columbia...his memoirs start out with him growing up and becoming a cowboy to begin with. I am to the point where he has become a Forest Ranger.  I am only a bit past 1/4th of the have a lot of adventures left to read.  I tend to like memoirs and autobiographies by people that are not famous...just the common man or woman.  This one is not exactly one that I can't put down, but it is well worth reading.

Thursday, February 7, 2019


I was down in the basement today and came across some treasures.  Just think how many people are alive today that does not remember wooden spools.   Lorelei will see mine--maybe.  But other than that she may never see any.  Unless at some point she decides she likes to look at antiques.

If it wasn't for destroying one of these,  I would make a toy that we used to make with them.  We would cut notches in the ends and run a rubberband through the hole.  on one end we would just use something to keep it from pulling through the hole.  On the other end we usually used a match stick.  and just run the end through the rubber band, or probably used a Lark's Head Knot...anyway, you could then 'wind it up' and set it on the table and the rubber band untwisting would propel it along. The match stick being longer than the diameter of the spool, would help keep the spool pressed against the table, or whatever you set it on and it would roll along.

I don't know why I did  not think to open this up and take photo of the always liked betweens to quilt with.  She like a size 7 needle.

Used to various places would give a little pack of needles...

And somewhere there would be their name...these were always a nice bit of advertising to receive.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Feels so good to put these in the done category...not sure what I will start on next.  But I have a couple ideas.  If something else doesn't pop up.  Maybe I will get to start on something tomorrow.

As I was choosing the label for this post...well, for the sewing, I also saw the link 'The Far Side'...and I thought 'what the heck is that about?'  So I opened another tab and checked it out.  If you want a really feel good story, read The Off Season

Monday, February 4, 2019

Duplicate pillowcases...

When Sarah and I made the pillowcases seen here, she had got enough of the fabrics to make another pillowcase for her home.  So, I decided to start on them yesterday.  There are actually 7 of them...not sure if where the other two were when I took this yesterday.

Yesterday was spent trimming the fabric to make the ends straight.  and the rolls done...and I actually got that line of stitching done.

After our morning trip to Hardee's I came home and did a bit of the usual chores, plus made a pot of chili, then I went down to the basement and actually vacuumed some down there.  Then I started and worked on these pillowcases again.  I got them all pulled right side out...I make them basically the way Tea makes them in this video....

If I can get to work on them tomorrow, I should finish them...then will feel free to start on something else.

That being said, I am so wanting to have time to take a drive....I would love to go to Goose Pond or to the Heron Viewing Park north of Danville, Illinois.  And I would love to go to Willow Slough, but never know what effect a longer trip like that will have on Roger.  He tires so easily.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Got to share these....

I just have to share a video with is not very long so it won't take up much of your day.

You should have heard Lorelei when she watched this last night...she laughed till she cried.    There was another one she laughed as hard at but it is longer so I won't show both today. Besides, there will be a video over on my Time Stand Still blog, just in case you want to see it.  The link to my blog is over there at the top on the right side bar

Lorelei spent the night again last night, even though she had to go to school today.  She was on a two hour delay.  Shortly after she left, we headed out to breakfast at Hardee's, then to Paris to Walmart.

We pass the strip pit area on the way.  I was going to go on by, planning to not even drive through.  Well, from the highway we can see the BIG strip pit.  And it was covered with birds!  Swans and geese....both White fronted and Canadian Geese.

I am sorry these are not better quality, but I was having trouble holding still.

We had a change in the weather.  I am not sure what the temp got up to today, but as I took the photos above and the video over at my other blog, I only had on a flannel shirt over my regular top.  So that is a huge change.  And sunshine all day long!