Tuesday, January 11, 2022

a quilting tale...

Several years ago a blogfriend participated in a workshop where they made this block.   At the link I have, hers is the 3rd one down, as well as the last one..  She had all these extra blocks and gifted them to me.  And even gave me one good sized piece of fabric.  And while I loved her Christmas quilt version, I did not want to copy hers.

I have had them put away forever, though I get them out a few times a year and look at them.  But crazy me, I was remembering them as being 6 inchs square unfinished...but they are about 5 inches square finished.  I had planned to set them on point...a row to go the length of the quilt.

For the past few years, I have collected Christmas scraps at the quilt shop.  I have been sewing stirips together using 6 inches strips of paper as the foundation.  Next, I am planning to sew these sections end to end...now I think 6 inches is too wide for the size blocks I have.  (But whether I used them with the blocks, I will still sew these end to end to get the right length for a quilt.

So now, I am again unsure what I am doing with the blocks.  I have even considered using them in placemats or something.   

A video for you...