Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another update/Lorelei post

I don't know when I will be back to regular blogging...somehow or other I am having a hard time getting back to it. When I have time to blog, I seem to have blogger's block...but when I am out doing things, there are always things that pop into my mind, but by the time I get time to sit down, I don't remember how I was going to say what I wanted to say.

It is never just one thing that happens here...Roger was doing some painting and was in a tight cramped space and he 'sprained' his neck...that is what the chiropractor said. He has been hurt at various times in his life, but this had had the most intense pain he has ever felt. He has been to Doc twice with this and has improved, but I think he has a ways to go. He is supposed to not do anything for at least a week.

And there are other things, too, but won't go into any more details. Instead I will tell you a thing or two Lorelei has done. Last night, I was reading and didn't get on the computer till later...I had a message from Sarah telling that when she put Lorelei down for the night, that as she closed the door, Lorelei yelled 'Bye!' ( I couldn't help but wonder if she blew her mom a kiss also--which she does now)

The other night her dad came in with some chips...when Lorelei seen him with them she says 'OH. Yeah!' She is just so funny.

I almost forgot...Otto got out of their yard over the weekend. Let me explain...the regular door to go in the garage is in the fenced in part of their yard...and they had forgot and left it open and the overhead door was open also. So, he gets out and is gone...he wasn't gone long before they realized it. They each got in their own car and started to search...stopped and ask people and no one had seen him.

Then Sarah is at a stop sign and hears his toenails on the sidewalk...she gets out and opens her back door and he jumps in the back with Lorelei. Lorelei in turn is so excited, she yells Oddie Doddie, and keeps saying it over and over and over on the way home...which wasn't that far, but was across one major, busy road.

Have I mentioned she has dancing feet...I honestly can't remember. Anyway, I will leave you with a couple of her and her dancing feet. The first video was when she was about done with dancing feet, but the second is out of this world. She impressed her Papaw....oh, that is another thing. She has been saying dad and mom mom and even Mamaw for a while...which she sometimes calls me Mamaw and sometimes calls me Nana. Even though she has known who Papaw was for so long...since just a few months old...she could not say his name...would hardly even attempt it.

Last week while she was here, she said it, yelled it actually. And Sarah said she said Papaw all the way home...over and over and over.

Now, back to the good stuff, here she is with her dancing feet!

And here is Dancing feet out of control!