Monday, January 13, 2014

An Eagle day!

We went for a little drive...up to Mansfield, throw our line in the water.  I spotted an eagle in the distance.  I pointed it out to Roger and we both seen it land in the tree.  The tree was across a field, and even with my camera lens extended I did not see the adult eagle on past the juvenile.  But Roger spotted it with his spotting scope.
We went on to Mansfield, which is just a few miles on down the road.  I was casting around, not getting any hits at all.  I thought to myself I best be watching for an eagle...they fly down the creek and fly up in this tree, and if you are not miss it and never know they are there.

Instead of that happening, I saw one up in the air...not this fellow.  The first one I saw was still too far for my feeble lens but was an adult...I whistled to get Roger's attention...we both headed to the truck and the adult landed in the tree. I could see it...and I thought I saw another one.  But could not be sure.

Roger got out his spotting scope and was looking...and he spotted another adult flying plus the one in the tree...and along in there here came this one flying over us!

Roger thinks we saw 5, well, he saw five if that is indeed the truth   (In all of this I only saw the one adult.)...I myself think it was the same juvenile and parent we saw earlier.  We had just missed seeing the other adult in the first sighting.