Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seen in an antique shop...

I don't know why I have never made one a Dutch Girl quilt...I have always liked them.
Mary and I have been talking about making a bucket list of quilts we want to do...
I don't know if I will ever actually do it. I know I won't live near long enough to do all the quilts I want to do.
I am still working on my latest project. I have made 16 blocks and need to make 2o more. I have had a few days where I haven't touched it...some because I was busy and others because I wasn't in the mood. For the most part though I have worked some on it every day...sometimes not a lot, but others have been down there for hours. I have started cutting more strips...I stood down there for at least two hours cutting tonight and still have a long way to go.

I am wishing I had a couple more light fabrics in the Civil War reproductions, but will try to make do with what I have. I am a quilter, but am always amazed at how much fabric it takes to make a quilt.
The plans right now are that we are going to have visitors this weekend...a certain little munchkin is coming. Keep your fingers crossed that nothing happens. She has not been here since before Christmas. I have play dough waiting for her, and another little game.

She is still into 'pink' big time...and still plays dress up most days. Sarah got her the movies Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty...she watched Cinderella 3 times and Sleeping Beauty twice!