Tuesday, March 10, 2020


I came home today after taking Roger to breakfast and sat down...whether it was before or after I stuck a load of clothes in the washer, I cannot say for sure.  But I no more than sat down till Bubbie was up in my lap.  He sat a few minutes and got down, and here came Puss Puss.  She got settled, and Bubbie decided to come back.   I had not planned to sit very long, but when they get in my lap and snuggle in, I just don't have the heart to make them get up right away...so I sat with them about 15 minutes.


I got another set of wire shelves for my sewing room.  They are 36 inches wide.  I then moved the little plastic 3-drawer  things to under my cutting table.  It feels so much better in there.  I worked some this evening on a project my daughter and I have started.  I want to get it done.  Originally, she was really just helping me, but she done so much, I have to acknowledge that it is as much hers, in some ways, more than mine.  She designed the layout.  When we work together, she does the cutting and I do the sewing.  

Seems like things have conspired against us to keep us from having another day to work together on it.  So I decided to  attempt getting more of it done...and actually got some trimming done, and two more blocks made.

Batik fabrics are stamped with a resist and then dyed.  Not printed.  So they are basically the same on back and front.    Some people think they can tell the difference,  and sometimes I think I can tell a very slight difference, but even then I am not sure which was the front and which is the back

Also, the photos do not do the fabrics justice.  

I really wish you could see them as they really are.

The above are some batik scraps daughter bought for me but I had not taken the time to photograph them.  I am not showing all of them, but just a few of my favorites.  All of these are a decent size...enough to really do something with if I can ever decide what.  

I am leaving you with a little video.

I could not even laugh at videos like this for a while, after I broke my leg.

I hope you all are having a good week!