Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Long time no post...

 It has been so long since I posted I probably will break it up into a couple posts.  In this first post, I will show some of Lorelei's art.  

These above were all projects from school.  If I recall correctly, she was given the heart design and the 'L,' how she decorated them was her idea.  The hearts were painted with water color...the L, she added the vine and the stripes and the decoration on the toe tip.  I don't remember how they were colored.  She was told to fill a sheet with a shape, so she chose the simple leaf shape repeated over and over, varying the size and the color.   I think the pumpkins and fence were given to her...maybe she added the bats.

At home, she is in the process of drawing the second girl...she is drawing it from a how to tutorial.  Still, I think she shows so much promise.
The following she did here this weekend...

She just sketched this in nothing flat...I was watching her and wondered what in the world the jagged line was going to be...then she colored it in with watercolor pencils and I realized the lighthouse was high on a cliff.

This is a Christmas card she designed...if you will look closely, you will see where she erased 'snowflakes' in the background.    So simple, but I just love it.

Then what was amazing to me about these is how quick she drew them.  And she did a couple other sheets of just one rose and one of the other flowers and colored them, then touched them with a wet brush, but she must have taken them home with her.


I know, not a lot more than the last time I posted a pic, but there are a few more.  and I have 5 or 6 more cut and basted to the paper and ready to be sewn together.