Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A little road trip....

Since it is supposed to start raining tonight, we decided to go for a drive today. My friend, Mary, had went to Goose pond and told me about her trip. I had been anxious to go, so today was the day.
We saw plenty, but all at a distance. I saw a few frog's peeping up from the depths...but not a single one along the banks.

We saw several egrets, with this being the only one within shooting distance. I watched and watched for him to catch something all to no avail. Plus we were watching for this bald eagle...and he came close, but not close enough for a good picture. It was a juvenile. Still, it was very exciting to see it.

There were lots of blue herons, and a couple cormorants, and a couple other birds. Just so frustrating that all except this egret were too far away. I told Roger I would love to take his hunting blind down there and set it up and see if things would come close with us sitting in it.

This is from today...I should have kept a copy of the show you...I just hit auto levels to get this till you could see the milkweed seeds in flight. I don't care how old I get to be, I will love shaking them loose to fly on the this case Roger shook them loose for me to try to capture.
The past couple days prior to today, I have spent a lot of time in my basement. And should I admit that a lot of the time has been spent looking for things...namely two or three different fabrics? I found one of them right where I first had just got squished down between two others...but I didn't find it till I had looked through every other place. Does anyone else lose things like this?

In finding the one fabric, I thought of another fabric that I had not seen in all the searching...I did not go back looking again. But I have been searching for a quilt backing, luck with it either.