Monday, March 16, 2020

Still waiting...

We are still waiting for sights such as these....

And if the date these were taken is anything to go by, we still have at least a couple weeks before we see them.   I would like to get out and go for a drive and just see what we could see.

I took Roger to breakfast this will be the last time for a while.  I came home and made phone calls to reschedule a scan.  Then rescheduled the dr. visit that follows it.  And then called family dr. to  have her call in a couple prescriptions.  I am always relieved when these things get done.

Next, I went to my sewing room...searched what felt like half an hour for the four leaf blocks I had just finished the other day.  In reality I don't even know if I hunted 15 minutes.  They were where they should have been, but something had got lain over them.  I cut the back away from under the appliqued part, and got the paper out.

Then I worked on a project I cannot show yet because someone might see it that I don't want to see it.  It is a quilt top...I can tell that.  Just need to decide on what I want to do for a border, and get that done.  I want to get it finished and sandwiched and quilted and be done with it.  Of course , I am apt to take a month on deciding how to quilt it, but I am trying to make that decision be ready to start quilting the minute it is completed.

Until then I will leave you with this:

It is an apron I made for Lorelei's mom a few years ago.  Though I seldom do it, I love to make aprons.

I hope everyone here has a good week ahead...